Students will use tablets to reinforce art concepts related to the elements of art, and in so doing will become more comfortable with making art digitally.    I plan to relay more information about each app and what I am teaching in them through the News page of this website soon...but for a start to that documentation, here is a basic explanation of how I plan to use tablets in the setting of the small-group art class.
With the Art Starts crew, we will explore apps such as Kaleidescope Pro (Symmetry), Sketchbook Express (photo mashups and drawing with templates), Fontify (shapes of letters), DoInk and Green Screen for animation, and Forge of Neon and Pottery for the fun of them.
With the Drawing and Digital Arts classes, each day I would start them with a drawing assignment, setting a timer for roughly half an hour before we would group for any demo or explanation of the digital assignment.  We would work through concepts of rotoscoping (tracing over pictures and then removing the picture), using various brushes and setting properties of objects, vector drawing with Bezier curves, and stop-motion and green screen animation.   Some of the apps I would use to introduce students to digital art are Sketchbook Express, Paper, Inkpad, Loop, iAnimate, Do Ink and Green Screen.